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China 2013

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Exports

Category(I-VII) Final importer state Number of Items State of origin (if not exporter) Intermediate location(s) (if any) Description of Items Comments on the transfer
I. Battle tanks Bangladesh 44
I. Battle tanks Chad 30
I. Battle tanks United Rep. of Tanzania 24
II. Armoured combat vehicles Cameroon 11
II. Armoured combat vehicles Ghana 28
III. Large calibre artillery systems Cameroon 12
III. Large calibre artillery systems Lao People's Dem. Rep. 131
III. Large calibre artillery systems Pakistan 24 Including 6 MLRS
III. Large calibre artillery systems United Rep. of Tanzania 12
IV. (a) Combat aircraft Bangladesh 12
VI. Warships Bangladesh 2
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers Thailand 1218

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Imports

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Military holdings

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Procurement through national production

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