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Hungary 2003


Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Exports

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Imports

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Military holdings

Category(I-VII) Number of Items Description of Items Comments on the transfer
I. Battle tanks 760 (522) T-55, (238) T-72
II. Armoured combat vehicles 1473 (527) BTR-80 APC, (5) MT-LB APC, (261) PSZH APC, (490) BMP-1 AIFV, (12) BRM-1K AIFV, (178) BTR-80A AIFV
III. Large calibre artillery systems 1236 (50) 82mm 37M Mortar (45) 85mm D-44N Anti Armour Gun (52) 85mm D-44 Anti Armour Gun (25) 100mm MT-12 Anti Armour Gun (153) 2S1 SP How (16) 2S3 SP How (308) D-20 How (150) M-30 How (105) M 120 Model 38/43 Mortar (270) 2B11 (2S12) Mortar (62) BM-21 MLR
IV. (a) Combat aircraft 114 (71) MiG-21 (7) MiG-23 (27) MiG-29 (9) SU-22
V. Attack helicopters 54 (54) Mi-24
VII. (b) Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems (MANPADS). 348 (243) 9P58M (Strela-2) MANPADS (60) 9P519 (Igla) MANPADS (45) Mistral-2 MANPADS

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Procurement through national production

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Note: Information about small arms and light weapons was not requested before 2006