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Russian Federation 2021

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Exports

Category(I-VII) Final importer state Number of Items State of origin (if not exporter) Intermediate location(s) (if any) Description of Items Comments on the transfer
II. Armoured combat vehicles Turkmenistan 1
IV. (a) Combat aircraft Viet Nam 12
V. (a) Attack helicopters Congo 2
V. (a) Attack helicopters Ethiopia 4
V. (a) Attack helicopters Mali 2
V. (a) Attack helicopters Rwanda 4
V. (a) Attack helicopters Thailand 3
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers China 242
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers India 2184
VII. (a) Missiles and missile launchers Serbia 20
VII. (b) Man-Portable Air-Defence Systems (MANPADS). India 390

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Imports

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Military holdings

Major conventional arms (Category I-VII) - Procurement through national production

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